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The Field Department serves as the heart of our Tropical Fish Farm. The 235 acres of farmland is divided into sections by species. Fry are released into carefully prepared ponds in the appropriate area. These fish are then fed a variety of diets and inspected routinely for size, health, coloration and overall quality. 


The Field Department is responsible for inspecting and maintaining nearly 1200 ponds. This includes feeding and harvesting the fish that occupy these bodies of water.


During the winter months, 95 percent of the ponds located in Plant City, Florida are covered with high-grade plastic sheeting, like a greenhouse, thus using solar energy to maintain the water temperature. Bird netting and/or shade cloth is used to cover the ponds during the warmer months. Approximately 500 ponds are located below the freeze belt in Arcadia, Florida. During cold winter nights, we pump 80° F well water into these ponds to maintain the water temperature

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