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Lots of new fish and shrimp! 11-30-2017

Fantastic Indo shipment came in last night with some great nano fish and shrimp. Got a nice variety of little cyprinids including galaxy rasboras that are decent size (you can tell what they are), super bright little chili rasboras, emerald dwarf rasboras (erythromicron), and hengeli glowlight rasboras. For shrimp, I have some great looking red and white banded red crystal [...]

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November 9, 2017

Aquatic Experience - From Joe - It was great meeting a few of you at the show. If you weren’t there, it’s a great event, and hopefully will be a great event in New Jersey next year, even though I’ll miss having it in Chicago. There’s so much excitement about the hobby in the show it’s hard not to [...]

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5-D weekly Newsletter 05-29-17 - 06-02-17

Sabertooth payara are in stock again!Got in Peru last night. Some of the Peru staples that came in include bleeding hearts, arcuatus skunk cories (about 1”) and Lima shovelnose. Got in what seems like a lot of sabertooth payara but these guys always sell fast so order early. They came in around 2-3”, very nice size that usually adapts really [...]

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5-D weekly Newsletter 5-08-17-5-12-17

Blue panaques are back in stock. L239 from Colombia.You’re highlights are going to be a little abbreviated today. Challenging week with half my staff out since we were moving from one side of the office to the new cleaned formerly fire damaged side of the office. If anything wasn’t right with your orders this week please let me know. Pretty [...]

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5-D weekly Newsletter 05-01-17 - 05-05-17

Patriot crabs came in with my new Nigeria shipment.Nigeria came in last night. Got some cool new fish from Africa in last night, and I have crabs! I’m back in stock with ropefish, pretty good size butterflies, and elephant nose. The e-nose are a bit smaller, around 3-4”, probably a better size for shipping and acclimating. Also received some adorable [...]

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5-D weekly Newsletter 04-24-17 - 04-28-17

Brazil is in! Only a few big Iriri gold nugget types, but lots of smaller L81 small-spot gold nuggets (aka orange seam).Quick note before getting to my brief highlights; we had a fire in the office on Monday. Nobody was here, everyone is fine, and business is still running like normal. We’re all crammed into half the amount of space [...]

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