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5-D weekly Newsletter 04-10-17 - 04-14-17

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Ruby tetras in stock, along with a mess of other nano-tanks.

After a couple weeks of super cool (and expensive) big fancy show fish, theme for this week’s new fish is the opposite end of the scale, nano-tank fish. A little heavier on pics from our photographer than pics on the farm since these guys are tiny and frequently don’t show a lot of color initially. From South America, I have ruby tetras and red phantoms. Rubies are tiny but very bright. Red phantoms are about average size with good color. Also have some South American fish that are far-east farm raised. I have some gold pencils (super sturdy) and ember tetras, kind of like a mini red phantom. In actual Asian nano fish, I got in some Microrasbora (or Microdevario) kubotai, sometimes called the neon green rasbora. They look great in a dimly lit planted tank with dark gravel, but they are nothing but silver here. They’re about galaxy rasbora size, perfectly suited to a small tank. Also got in chili rasboras, very tiny, but fantastic looking fish.

From top: kubotai rasbora (neon green), ember tetras, and chili rasboras.

In normal sized South American fish, should be in OK shape on farlowellas, otos, clown plecos, rubber plecos, and spotted rubbers. I know medium pictus are on special but they’re super limited, get your orders in early (got shorted and sold a lot more after the specials page was done, sorry). Medium arowanas are back in stock, kind of small for a medium, around 3”. Got in some transparent knives and brown ghosts, haven’t seen these for a while. Spotted and striped raphaels both look good. Still have some bleeding hearts, and I got a new batch of rainbow emperors. Decent number of pikes in stock, mostly the saxatilis complex types. Got a few Lima shovelnose left. Fancy plecos available this week include one red-fin cactus, plenty of green phantoms (L200 yellows), some very nice L15 candy striped plecos, and a few L235 flyer plecos. Wild green discus got left of the list last week, should be fixed now and they look great. May have one or two South American lungfish left. Zebra otos are still doing fantastic. Nice cory cats this week are gold/greens, melanistus, and metae. Melini are healthy but small. Water cows are very good size, around 7-8”.

Got one or two big lungfish left.

Wild green discus.

In Asian imports, got in nice Indo and Bangkok shipments. Flowerhorns are looking great again, right around 3.5-4” with great red and blue. Glass cats came in very healthy again and still good size. Got in some new fahaka puffers, around 1-1.5” now but they’ll get big and kill everything. Got a few more dwarf puffers left if you want small puffer. Still have some spotted puffers as well. More red Texas in from Bangkok. Not sure how these will turn out, some show little red now and some have OK red. See pic below. Red chromides are back in stock (but running small). Toadfish are fantastic but super limited, only have a couple pieces. Mono argentus are looking good, nice yellow. Gold, blue snakeskin, and red turquoise discus all look good. Farm-raised uaru are back in stock. Asian rummynose are back in stock for the first time in years. Very small and silver, you’ll be waiting a while to see their red noses. Albino bichirs are pretty good size. Got some ~2.5” tiger botias. Spiny eels are holding up well. Congo tetras are not huge, but big enough to be blue, pretty nice. Burmese sun cats are big. Still have some orange rabbit snails, and I got more assassin snails this week. Sparkling gouramis are another great nano-tank fish.

Farm fish that are running big right now include candy cane tetras, red-eyes, longfin serpaes, black neons, Colombian tetras, albino glolights, scissortails, XL tiger barbs, red glass barbs, veil-tail cherry barbs, gold zebras, and pearl danios. Opaline gouramis are running very big (although I think I have a vat of small ones if you’re concerned about the pack). Sunset thicklips are very nice. Medium veil angels are way oversized, great fins. Yellow rainbows are exceptional, and the neon dwarfs, Celebes and pygmaeus all look good as well. Boesmanis and turquoise are available now, they have color but not real big. 3” albino oscars look good. Nice livebearers (mostly far-east) include gold sailfin mollies, silver sailfins, XL balloon mollies, sunset mickey mouse platies, highfin pineapple platy, pink comet swords, neon swords, red pigeon guppies, and turquoise lyretail guppy. Got in some good size rhino plecos, the batch I have in house is way over the 4” list size.

Big rhino pleco, with a 1-1.5” bushynose for scale.

Yellow rainbows. Regular size, good value.

Bigger Africans have been moving crazy fast. In medium to large size cichlids I still have a few msobos, white Labs, black-top shauri (huge), tomato Haps, linni (nearly 6”), Jalo reef Placidochromis (all-males), flameback Haps, huge socos, red-cap and black-fin Lethrinops (mostly males, maybe all males), Otter Point jakes, and red fire peacocks. Best of the smaller Africans include albino eureka red peacocks, blue dolphin moori, livingstoni, ruby greens, white Labs, pearl zebras, and red-top zebras. Bemba and Kariza Kaiser Tropheus are both very nice, around 2”. Lamp. brevis are new this week, great size but super limited.

Jalo Reef Placidochromis. New batch isn’t quite this blue, but same supplier, should color up quick in your tanks.

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