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5-D weekly Newsletter 04-17-17 - 04-21-17

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Scarlet badis and other India fish are in stock again!

Another great week for incoming, got in some fantastic fish from India that I’ve never seen before. Banded chromides Etroplus canarensis came in for the first time. These guys were pre-ordered fish, but I wanted to share a pic since they’re so uncommon. If this is a fish that you’re interested in let me know, not sure I’m likely to bring them in again without commitments.

Some of the other neat India fish that came in include beautiful medium rose-line sharks (at least twice the size of the regulars), a few moose-face loaches, more of the rainbow-belly pipe fish (which miraculously held up great last time), both canarensis and bakeri hill-trout, nobel gouramis, striped peacock eels (great size), and some slightly different looking tire-track eels. Got a couple new Mystus cats, a pj type with multiple stripes, and a yellow/gold type, skinnier with a single stripe. I have wild banded gouramis Colisa fasciata, first time I’ve seen them in many years. Also traded as a ‘giant gourami’ which I guess is because they’re the giants of the dwarf gourami group. They’re not as brightly colored as the Florida ones I used to get, but I expect they’ll color up OK when they’re a little more settled. Got in good numbers of dwarf puffers and scarlet badis, probably best value fish in the shipment. Both of them seem to be holding up great.

Bakeri (top) and canarensis (bottom) ‘hill-trout’

Chaca chaca catfish.

Other nice Asian imports this week include red panda barbs, a few more chili rasboras (these will go fast), tank-raised gold pencils and ember tetras, tiger shovelnose, tank-raised uarus, albino clown knives, kuhli loaches, great size Burmese sun cats, big panda loaches, sparkling gouramis, red chromides, rainbow loaches, orange chromides, and glass cats.

In South American imports, I have some little black arowanas. Around 4” and should be a fair bit cheaper than the big guys I’ve been getting. Well past the yolk-sac stage on these guys, I expect they’ll acclimate well, and should be less prone to go crashing into the sides of the tanks than the big ones. Also have some ~3.5” medium silver arowanas, here over a week and doing very well. Got in some more big and bright red Atabapo pikes. Huge and expensive, but very nice. Ruby tetras and red phantoms both look good, great nano tank fish. Dragonfish are back in stock and pretty good size. Nice cory cats this week include metae and melanistus, and the big rabauti from last week seem a lot more stable now. Whiptail cats came in big. Zebra otos are nice and big. Wild green terrors are pretty good size, ballpark 4-5”. Got a few red hooks, some toothy red-tailed Brycon from Ecuador, and a few pink-tail Chalceus. In plecos, I have lots of Colombian snowballs, pretty mix in size (~1.5-3”) but they look good. Blue phantoms are back in stock, very dark background color this time with light spots. Big water cows are a good value. New jade gobies came in with red heads, big and cheap.

I know it’s fuzzy, but wanted to show size on the new red pikes. This is the most red one, the others are little less bright.

Farm fish that look good this week include gold neon rosies, red glass barbs, pearl danios, penguin tetras, glolights, black neons, orange von rios, Colombian tetras (huge), longfin serpaes, and candy cane tetras. Blue gouramis are huge this week. Sunset thicklips are pretty nice. Electric blue jacks look great, good size and color. Got a few medium electric blue rams that are exceptional. Nice livebearers include sunset wag platies, black platies, white mickeys, gold and chocolate sailfin mollies, creamsicle lyretail mollies, neon swords, ocean blue guppies, and blue Endler’s (guppy cross). Florida flagfish and great size, very clean with good color.

Got one of my favorite Vics in this week, Pyxichromis orthostoma ‘Hap sp. large-mouth’. Only the second time I’ve seen them in the last decade or so, this is a fish I used to raise in the mid-90s. In African Haps and peacocks, highlights include Otter Point jakes, assorted medium male peacocks (Florida-bred, not juiced), 3-3.5” Thailand juiced peacocks (very, very assorted, they will fade, but they’re cheaper), medium male red cap Lethrinops, medium rock kribs (great color), big fuscos, and big linni. In mbunas, large socos are a great value. Also have some good size medium acei (3-4”) on special this week for pretty cheap. Other nice mbunas include large Petro. thick-bar, pearly Labs, medium mainganos, OB macs, pearl zebras, and albino red-top cobalts. Got some new Tanganyikans this week including Ulwile fiery-fry Tropheus for the first time, they look better than I expected. Also have a few different large wild compressiceps, and some medium-large all-male ventralis. Somehow I still have the Lamp brevis in house, maybe nobody ordered them because I mentioned how limited they are. They’re basically young adults; add shells and you’ll have fry soon.

Lamp brevis.

Tropheus brichardi Ulwile

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