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5-D weekly Newsletter 04-24-17 - 04-28-17

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Brazil is in! Only a few big Iriri gold nugget types, but lots of smaller L81 small-spot gold nuggets (aka orange seam).

Quick note before getting to my brief highlights; we had a fire in the office on Monday. Nobody was here, everyone is fine, and business is still running like normal. We’re all crammed into half the amount of space so please have some sympathy if your rep is cranky, and speak loudly so we can hear you over the giant fan and air filters.

Highlights are brief because I’ve been running around like crazy this week, not because I don’t have any fish. I got Brazil in last night, with a ton of L81 small-spot gold nuggets (aka orange-seams). They’re not really in season right now so I’m thrilled that my supplier came up with as many as he did. Not a ton of variety on this shipment, but I have a few L177 Iriri large-spot gold nuggets, some really nice L47 mangos (mix of black with orange fin-edges and black with white fin edges, haven’t seen that before), L002 tiger plecos, and a very limited number of large size L177 and L81 gold nugget types.

Lg L81 orange-seam/small-spot gold nugget.

L47 mango. They’re not all this nice, some have a lot less yellow.

Medium royal. Very limited.

L002 tiger pleco. Not a great ‘large’ size, but a very nice fish.

Also got in some really nice Colombian fish as well. Still not getting nearly as much as I’d like, but I think I’m OK on otos, clown plecos, and rubber plecos. Might have a few Colombian sharks and farlowellas. Still have pretty good numbers of dragonfish. Lots of nice variety this week including cupid cichlids Biotodoma, ballpark 4-5” wild juraparis (mostly the right fish), decent size red hooks with nice color in the fin, great looking green phantom (yellow) plecos, a few more blue phantoms that look way better this week than when they came in, and a handful of Colombian snowball plecos. Arcuatus cories came in from Colombia this week, and they’re huge. Also have some very nice melanistus, still have a few huge rabauti, and I got in a new batch of habrosus that came in in really good shape. Got a few more ruby tetras (awesome nano-fish, very bright red), and I have a few more red phantom tetras. Still have a couple of beautiful large Atabapo red pike, great size and getting more red all the time.

Cupid cichlids.

Elegans cory cats.

Lg skunk cories from Colombia.

In Asian imports, blew out almost all the India fish in the last week, but I have a bunch of nice cheap dwarf puffers, a few of the medium roselines, some of the hill-trout (bakeri and canarensis, gorgeous but a bit pricey for basically a huge fancy danio), and a very few Malabar sunfish (they’re very brown, but really hard to come by). Still have more than a few of the super nice Bangkok bettas, the red, yellow and crowntail plakats are particularly nice. Should have pretty good numbers of all type of dwarf gouramis this week. Sparkling gouramis are very pretty and sturdy. Little tank-raised ember tetras are really bright, very nice.

Lots of dwarf puffers still in stock.

Farm fish that look good this week include red glass barbs, gold neon rosies, candy cane tetras, black neons, Colombian tetras (huge), diamond tetras, orange von rios, daisy rice fish, Florida flagfish, and scissortail rasboras. Neon swords and vampire swords are both very nice. Nice cichlids include siquia, large male Taiwan reefs, both the big Lethrinops, Bemba flame Tropheus, red-top ndumbis, OB fuelleborni, ivory Labs, Ngara flametail peacocks, and ruby green Haps.

Cobue afras are very nice.

I have some Eastern painted turtles in stock this week. Very nice, all over 4”. This is a US native, so please know your local wildlife laws before ordering these. Restricted in some states. Great price on these guys.

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