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5-D weekly Newsletter 05-01-17 - 05-05-17

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Patriot crabs came in with my new Nigeria shipment.

Nigeria came in last night. Got some cool new fish from Africa in last night, and I have crabs! I’m back in stock with ropefish, pretty good size butterflies, and elephant nose. The e-nose are a bit smaller, around 3-4”, probably a better size for shipping and acclimating. Also received some adorable baby ropefish, just a couple of inches. Got super limited numbers of ‘large’ bichirs. Large is relative, they’re around 5-10”. The big ones are impressive. I have some wild Congo tetras and a new ‘blue diamond’ Congo. The wild Congos look wrong (species, not health), trying to figure out what exactly they are. Both types are nothing but silver, but I’m hopeful they’ll color up. They are cheaper than the Indo all-male tank-raised fish, but they are also mixed sexed and have very little color. Snakeskin eels (a type of spiny eel) are back in stock and nice, good value. Finally, I got in some patriot crabs. These are a terrestrial crab from West Africa. Red, white and blue colors. Seem to be pretty hard (zero DOAs), and they are very pinchy. Can’t pick them up from behind like the old Ecuador Halloween crabs that used to come in, if you don’t want a crab stuck to you you’ll need to move them in cups. Didn’t get a too many because I didn’t know what to expect, they will definitely be on all our future Nigeria orders. I expect them sell very fast. As an aside, if you move terrarium type animals and are interested in a big lot of Hyperolius reed frogs from Nigeria let me know. I won’t inventory these, but I may be able to get them in and out to you.

Baby ropefish.

Big delhezi bichirs.


Elephant nose.

In spite of poor availability from South America I still have OK numbers on some staples. Should be OK on otos, dragonfish, rubber plecos, and spotted rubbers. Got plenty of nice big melanistus cory cats, and a few metae, elegans, concolor (not big but really nice), and agassizi. Still have good numbers of L200 green phantom plecos, Colombian snowballs, and a few Colombian zebras. Also have Brazilian L002 tigers and L015 candy stripe plecos. Green neons seem to be doing pretty well, and ruby tetras have held up great. May have a few more brown ghosts. Rio Atabapo red pikes are very nice, get a little redder every week. Still have a few large wild green discus, very nice fish.

L200 Yellow Pleco

In far-east imports, got in a bunch more nano-fish. I have more ember tetras, amano shrimp, Mexican dwarf orange crayfish, mini blue lobsters, dwarf puffers (on special this week), blue ‘Endlers’ (crosses), and chili rasboras. Also have Sewellia lineolata back in stock, the reticulated hillstream loach. Kind of like the ‘butterfly plecos’ (that aren’t plecos) but not ugly. Panda garras are back in stock, pretty good size again. Got plenty of alligator gar, around 5-6”. Spiny eels look great. Found a few India fish left over, yellow Mystus cats and PJ Mystus cats that I thought were already sold out. Both of these are pretty neat and not that expensive. Might have a few of the ‘highway’ cats left from last week’s China shipment Pseudobagrus trilineatus. Stays small and has a pretty small mouth, so should mix with plenty of mid-size fish. Downside is that it’s a China fish so it may not like prolonged tropical temps. Handful of fahaka puffers left, they’ve about doubled in size in the last couple weeks. Glass cats are still doing great.

Royal clown loaches, very nice, bigger than the last batch.

Highway cat (not crazy about the name but that’s what Planet Catfish calls them).

I’m back in stock with Florida-raised sterlet sturgeon Acipenser ruthenus. CITES listed so sorry Canada, no international shipping on these. These are barely 2” and super cute. They do great as long as you pour the food to them, they grow like weeds at this size and crash in a hurry if they don’t get enough worms. They love live blackworms but also ready fill up with frozen bloodworms. Other nice Florida fish this week include blushing tiger barbs, red glass barbs, black neon tetras, candy canes, longfin serpaes, Colombian tetras, glolights, bloodfins, and silvertips. Nice livebearers this week (mostly far-east) include chocolate and gold sailfins mollies, dalmation lyretails, pink comet swords, neon swords, dumbo guppies (different pattern than last couple batches), turquoise red-tail guppies, painted platies, white mickey mouse and sunset mickeys. Blue gouramis are running big, and sunset thicklips look great. 3” rainbow sharks are very nice. Large flagfish look fantastic, worth the extra money.

Be sure to check out the quarter-bag cichlid special pages, need to move some stock. I probably have ~50 to 75 pieces on most of these, so order early if you want them. Nice cichlids this week include large male Taiwan reef steveni, Jalo reef Placidochromis, both sizes of tomato Haps, regular msobos (oversized), firefish peacocks, albino eureka red peacocks, small moori, medium male Kandango borleyi (not huge but pretty good color already), red-cap Lethrinops males, Bemba flame Tropheus, OB macs, and ivory Labs. Large nyererei are pretty limited but they are spectacular, a fair bit bigger than the ones I had on special last week.

Large male Taiwan Reef

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