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5-D weekly Newsletter 05-29-17 - 06-02-17

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Sabertooth payara are in stock again!

Got in Peru last night. Some of the Peru staples that came in include bleeding hearts, arcuatus skunk cories (about 1”) and Lima shovelnose. Got in what seems like a lot of sabertooth payara but these guys always sell fast so order early. They came in around 2-3”, very nice size that usually adapts really well. Some of the variety that came in includes Iguanodectes green lizard/green laser tetras, baby lungfish, loreto tetras (good value), rainbow severums, marginatus and red pencils, splash tetras, juruensis Apistos, and some weird ‘cortesi’ cory cats, one of the big types with a longer face. Also got pretty good numbers of the L90 papa plecos, a royal pleco relative with a big lyretail. Always come in as L090 but probably L203 shaeferi which is ends up bigger and less pretty.

Papa Panaque Pleco.

‘Rainbow’ severum.

Baby lungfish.

In addition to Peru I have plenty of Colombia and Ecuador fish in last night as well. I’m back in stock with dragonfish and hopefully Colombian sharks. Should have OK numbers of green neons. Ruby tetras are still doing great, and so are the red phantoms and embers (embers are tank-raised). Ossa knives are back in stock, mixed sizes (4-8”) with nice patterns. FYI they are usually really hardy, but they virtually never move. Brown ghosts are also back in stock. Jade gobies came in around 6” and have a bit of a red on their heads. Melanistus and gold/green cories are both very good size again. Plenty of L52 butterflies, Colombian snowballs, and green phantom plecos in this week. Also got a few more L239 blue panaques and some L128 blue phantoms. Blue phantoms are really dark today but they’ll probably lighten up by next week. Red hooks are decent size. Got plenty of little wild Geo. surinamensis, very stable and getting a little color.

Ossa knives. You will never see them move this much.

Blue panaque.

In far east imports, might have a few flowerhorns left (they’re moving crazy fast), should have several of the larger (4.5” flowerhorns), and plenty of the red Texas cichlids. Chinese highway cats are super cool and stay small, I’m shocked I still have these (they’re pricey but really nice and rare). Got a few of the hideous dyed blue botias that I’m sure will sell well. Snakeskin eels are awesome and on sale, best combo of hardy/size/pattern/price I’ve seen in any type of spiny eel (Nigeria, not far-east). Sun cats are great size. Large panda garras are really nice. Please buy chocolate loaches, they’re not crappy and all-brown anymore; they’ve settled in and are a lovely light brown with slightly darker light brown bands and a light brownish-red tail. Also have some Sri Lanka green panchax killis this week, like the ‘gold wonder’ killis but sort of greenish. Limited numbers of Asian needle gar in stock this week.

Highway cats, super cool Chinese import.

Nice farm fish this week include pearl danios, gigantic black neons, candy cane tetras, glolights, albino glolights, silvertips, red-eyes, Colombian tetras, scissortail rasboras, longfin serpaes, lemon tetras, red glass barbs, blushing tiger barbs, rosy and gold neon rosy barbs. In livebearers (mostly far-east) I have plenty of nice swords. Mix males are a neat mix although not huge. Pink comets, velvet wags and kohaku koi swords are all pretty good size with decent number of males. Red Endlers, red cobra guppies, and ocean blue guppies all look good. Back in stock with the little Syno multipunctatus, Florida bred and pure but barely 1.5”. Tangerine crayfish are good size. Gold/marble veil angels are very nice and are holding up well for me. Got some very nice longfin super-red bushynose, very cool strain. I still think super-red is a huge exaggeration but they’re a pretty reddish-orange fish and everyone that gets them is happy with them. Yellow rainbows are still the best looking species this week. 3” rainbow sharks are very nice. Blue and gold gouramis are both running big.

Red cobra guppies.

Longfin super-red bushynose.

Not much new in cichlids but still have some very nice fish in stock. Best mbunas include some medium yellow labs, Jalo reef afras (close to 3” medium), pearl zebras, medium acei, breeder socos, both sizes of ivory Labs, medium Chismulu red trewavasae, small Ngara acei (very deep blue, almost purplish), and shauri black-top zebras. In Haps, best bests are the large moori, medium polys (way oversized), albino comps, red-cap Lethrinops, Kandango borleyi medium males, and Jalo reef Placidochromis. In peacocks, small albino eurekas, medium blue neons, medium red-fires, and small dragonbloods are all nice.

Little dragonblood peacocks are a good value.

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