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5-D weekly Newsletter 5-08-17-5-12-17

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Blue panaques are back in stock. L239 from Colombia.

You’re highlights are going to be a little abbreviated today. Challenging week with half my staff out since we were moving from one side of the office to the new cleaned formerly fire damaged side of the office. If anything wasn’t right with your orders this week please let me know. Pretty sure I got everything covered, but I’ve been spread a little thin this week.

South American availability continues to be poor, but I think I’ll finally have pictus cats this week. They’re small but look good. Lots of farlowellas, otos, clown plecos, and spotted rubber plecos. Some South American variety includes new pencilfish, huge water cows, medium (~4”) silver arowanas, nice diptail pencils, cupid cichlids, a few wild green discus, small but really bright red phantom tetras, and maybe some green neons. Got in plenty of L200 yellow/green phantom plecos, decent numbers of L239 blue panaques, a few blue phantoms (more like bluish green phantoms this time), limited numbers of royal plecos (mediums are way nicer than the smalls, don’t have very many of either), a few L52 butterfly plecos, and some nice Colombian zebras and Colombian snowballs. Not a lot of cories this week but the gold/greens came in good size, and I still have a few nice melanistus. Wild green terrors are back in stock. Might have a few Colombian sharks. Red hooks came in nice size. Ruby tetras have been doing great.

Diptail pencils.

Medium royal pleco.

Nice old world fish include farm-raised alligator gar, rainbow loaches, green cobra Endlers (small tails and looks more a gold snakeskin), turquoise retail guppies, ember tetras, and dwarf orange lobsters. Panda garras are pretty good size and super popular. Still have some African butterflies, very nice African snake-skin eels (type of spiney eel, good value), and some elephant nose. Got some huge delhezi bichirs, never had them in here at this size before.

Got in gueldenstaedtii sturgeons for the first time. Common name of diamond sturgeon, very nice fish with a neat pattern/color as they get bigger. This another big fish, not like the ‘little’ sterlets I got last week. At least six foot max size, this is a fish only suited for big ponds (or the dinner table). They’re around 2” right now, so easy to house for a while, but will eventually outgrow about any tank and many ponds. Another Russian species, so probably not super happy with high temps, make sure they have lots of water flow to keep dissolved oxygen high.

Diamond gueldenstaedtii sturgeon.

I also have real Florida-bred velvet swords back in stock, and healthy. They’ve been here for two weeks, wanted to make sure they would hold up before offering them. Color is exceptional, and size is way better than the far-east swords. Other nice Florida fish include black neons, emperors, scissortails, orange von rios, longfin serpaes, red eyes, and candy cane tetras. Red glass barbs are very nice. Yellow rainbows are still good, and the Celebes are excellent size. Nice livebearers include painted platies, red mickeys, gold sailfin and red dalmation lyretails, neon swords, and should have some assorted male swords.

Velvet sword.

Celebes rainbow.

Small red devils are looking good, nice splotchy pattern even at this size. Kandango borleyi medium males, marigold peacocks and blue neon peacocks all have very good color. Large socos are a great value. Nice mbunas include ivory Labs (both sizes), red exasperatus, albino red-top cobalts, msobos, and OB macs Should be restocking with a bunch of mbunas today, will try to get a quick update out in the morning.

Kandango borleyi, current stock is a little smaller than this but still with color and a good value (all-male, FL bred).

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