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5-D weekly Newsletter 01-23-17 - 01-27-17

Peru is back in stock, including true L204 flash plecos.Trying to bring in some cool new fish every week; I’m following up recent India, Brazil and Indo shipments with a very nice Peru shipment this week. Tons of nice fish that I’ve had a lot of requests for. Sabertooth payara are in stock, a very nice ~2” size. They’re not [...]

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5-D weekly Newsletter 01-16-17 - 01-20-17

Wild roselines and striped India peacock eels. Not together on purpose but I thought it made a nice pic.India is in stock! I keep getting asked about what’s new and different; India definitely fits that description. I have a ton of fantastic fish on this shipment, including a bunch of stuff I’ve never seen before. The roseline sharks are as nice [...]

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5-D weekly Newsletter 01-09-17 - 01-13-17

Gold nuggets are back in stock!Happy January! Fish are flying out the door here, the year’s off to a great start for sales. Going like we anticipated, which is why we have so many new fish in stock this week. I got in a ton of cichlids late last week, and I got in a huge Brazil fancy pleco shipment [...]

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Weekly newsletter 01-03-17 - 01-06-17

Blue (or black) arowanas, got a few pieces last night.Happy New Year, almost. Can’t wait till January, that’s when we can sell anything. Which is why I got in some blue arowanas. Fantastic looking fish, look to be very stable with nice color, although the fins are little frayed on a few. Honestly thought they would be pricier at this [...]

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5-D weekly Newsletter 12-27-16 - 12-30-16

Deluxe mix shrimp came back in, they’re very bright and a great mix.Merry Christmas! Hope you all enjoy a rare day off with friends and family. I have a nice deluxe mix shrimp in stock that I haven’t had for a while. Shrimp have been selling well, and they’re a great item to go in all the nano-tanks that folks get [...]

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5-D weekly Newsletter-12-19-16 - 12-23-16

Freckle-face pikes! Super limited, probably already sold out, but call and get on the list for next time I see them.Please remember to look at our attached holiday schedule. Office will be closed on 12/26 and 01/02. As always this time of year, air traffic is very heavy. Southwest seems to have picked up a lot more holiday cargo than in [...]

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5-D Weekly newsletter 12-12-16 - 12-16-16

Chocolate gouramis came in and are looking really good.Nice week for incoming, plenty of nice South American fish, plus got some neat new Indo fish and a few fancy Florida-bred cichlids.Indo includes some fantastic chocolate gouramis. Hopefully I don’t curse them to a clampy death, but this is one of the best looking batches of chocolate gouramis I’ve seen. Size is [...]

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5-D weekly Newsletter 11-21-16 - 12-01-16

Florida-bred red-spot gold severum! Awesome color and size. Limited numbers and not cheap, but I do have quite a few of the mediums, not as bright but from the same farm.Make sure you stock up early next week to fill your tanks for Black Friday. Please review our holiday shipping schedule, we are very limited on ship days due [...]

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