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5-D weekly Newsletter 11-14-16 - 11-18-16

Peru is in with some really nice size L204 flash plecos.Sorry last week’s update was so short, got real hectic getting out in time to head to Chicago. Aquatic Experience was a great show. Got to meet a few customers and plenty of future customers. Also want to say thanks to Bob Likins and Mike Bober from PIJAC, Rick Preuss, [...]

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5-D weekly Newsletter 10-31-16 - 11-04-16

Still have small gold-nugget plecos available.Highlight this week is your new prices. If you haven’t opened the list and mostly just open the email to check out the pics it’s definitely worth checking out the new pricing. A whole lot of our Florida farm fish are cheaper this week, both fish that we produce and some of the fish [...]

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5-D weekly Newsletter 10-24-16 - 10-28-16

Fantastic week for incoming. Please check out the attached Pleco flyer, that has pics from today of all plecos. Gold nuggets are back in stock and they look fantastic. Size is good on all the varieties, with the L18 and L177 Iriri (large-spot gold nuggets) being a little bigger than the L81 orange seams (small-spot gold nuggets). Plenty of the [...]

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5-D weekly Newsletter 10-17-16 - 10-21-16

Africa is in stock! Giraffe cats are in for the first time in years. See attached flyer for items and pricing.I have African fish in stock again! Nigeria came in last night. Elephant nose look good, mixed sizes, ballpark 3-4.5”. African knife fish are nice, ~4-5”. Butterflies are OK size, and look to be holding up well. Ropefish are ~8-10”, too [...]

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5-D Weekly newsletter 10-10-16 - 10-14-16

Blue phantom plecos are back in stockHurricane Matthew is visiting Florida, but don’t worry, this is an east coast issue. We’re over near Tampa, and don’t expect much impact. We were able to get all of our South American shipments yesterday, so availability is good this week. We don’t expect any disruptions with our Monday ship out next week.Lots of South [...]

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5-D Weekly Newsletter 10-3-16 - 10-07-16

I have a few new Florida items in stock this week. Inverts seem to be selling well, and I have a new vendor with a really nice Florida-bred red rili shrimp that has plenty of color, way better than what I’ve been getting. I’m also getting trapdoor snails, very popular for ponds. These are livebearers and don’t reproduce as rapidly [...]

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5-D Weekly newsletter 09-26-16 - 09-30-16

Available this week (for arrival Monday 9/26), new Starfire Red ® Glo tiger barbs, and frankly I don’t know what more you need for highlights. These are even better than the picture.Still waiting on Colombian fish, but I do expect to have plenty of otos, farlowellas, clown plecos, Colombian sharks.Keeping my fingers crossed for L52 butterfly plecos, they’ve been showing as [...]

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5-D Weekly newsletter 09-12-16- 09-16-16

First time I’ve seen black emperors in years, very nice!Good week for South American and Asian imports, got in Colombia, Ecuador, and a bunch of neat Indo fish.Good availability this week with all the bread & butter South American fish. Plenty of Colombian sharks, pictus cats, good size farlowellas, nice whiptails, dragonfish, otos, rubber plecos, and clown plecos. Cory selection this [...]

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5-D Weekly newsletter 09-12-16 - 09-16-16

Red pikes in from Colombia!Plenty of Colombian fish this week, including some fantastic red pikes. Great size and color, these are very impressive. They are super limited, if you want one you should probably call your rep as soon as you see this.Lots of staples and a handful of oddballs in South American imports. Should be in good shape on otos, [...]

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