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5-D Weekly newsletter 09-05-16 - 09-09-16

Double Red Apisto. agassiziNot many new imports this week but I still have plenty of variety since we stocked up last week. I did get in an Indo shipment with some new angelfish varieties, very nice double-red Apisto agassizi, a few cacatuoides, endlicheri bichirs, good size ornate bichirs, and some gardneri killifish (mostly males). Other Asian import highlights include top-hat blennies, [...]

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5-D Weekly newsletter 08-29-16 - 09-02-16

Scarlet badis and lots of other wild India fish in stock this week!India is in stock! It’s been eight years since our last direct India shipment, so I have a ton of cool, rare fish that I haven’t seen in a long, long time. India included plenty of beautiful rose-line sharks, a bit bigger and brighter than the farm-raised fish. I [...]

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5-D weekly Newsletter 08-15-16 - 08-19-16

Very good week for South American fish, I have new Colombia and Ecuador shipments, and still have quite a few Brazil fish that somehow got left of the price list last week. Most of the staples are available; good on Colombian sharks, pictus cats, otos, clown plecos, rubber plecos, farlowellas, whiptails, royal plecos, and spotted raphaels. Also a very good [...]

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5-D weekly Newsletter 08-08-16 - 08-12-16

Gold nugget plecos are back in stock!Fancy plecos from Brazil are in stock again! Got a really nice Belem shipment, really nice size on all the gold nuggets and Iriri (large-spot gold nuggets). Both of these are ballpark 2-2.5”. Got in some big mangos for the first time in ages, ballpark 5”. Queen arabesques are beautiful, very clean black and [...]

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5-D weekly Newsletter 07-25-16 - 07-29-16

Red phantoms came in huge last night.Very good week for incoming this week, with nice variety from South America, a ton of new Florida fish (lots of cichlids), and some nice far-east fish as well.South America availability is pretty good with most of the standard items. Pictus cats are OK size, not as small as they were a few weeks [...]

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5-D weekly Newsletter 07-18-16 - 07-22-16

Wild red terrors are back in stock this week from Ecuador. Most around 4-5”. These guys go really fast and I can’t get very many, so order early for best fill rate. Lots of other South American imports this week as well.I good shape this week on all your South American staples. I have plenty of pictus cats (better size), [...]

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Weekly newsletter 07-11-16 - 07-15-16

Green laser cories are due in tonight!Hope you all enjoyed the Monday holiday, and hopefully you’re needing some fish again. Our incoming South American fish did get pushed back a day because of the holiday. I know what we have on order, but I don’t know what we’ll actually receive yet, and I won’t see the fish till late tonight [...]

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5-D weekly Newsletter 07-05-16 - 07-08-16

Kind of light week for incoming with the holiday weekend coming up. Most of the highlights this week will be Florida fish. I did bring in a few new cichlid this week so I’ve got some new items.t’s summertime; the fish grow faster because of the temps, and they stay here longer because sales are always a bit slower in [...]

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Weekly newsletter 06-27-16 - 07-01-16

Giant bleekeri coming in tonight. This is guy came in last week, I’m expecting these to be about the same size.South American availability has been very hit or miss lately, and kind of weird. It’s actually an OK week for numbers on the common fish that you likely need to stock, but a little less variety. I did get in [...]

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Weekly newsletter 06-20-16 - 06-24-16

Big Queen Gold Nuggets! (aka Iriri aka Large-spot gold nuggets) L177.Well, it’s definitely summertime, and it seems like everybody is having their typical seasonal slow-down. Maybe having some awesome new fish in stock with help drive some sales for all of us.I have fancy plecos from Belem in stock again this week. I don’t have the standard gold nuggets but I [...]

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