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Weekly newsletter 06-13-16 - 06-17-16

New red & blue Jakes.Restocked on some South American staples, got a handful of oddballs still in stock, and got a couple new local fish.South American fish available this week include small pictus cats, otos, dragonfish, Colombian sharks, clown plecos, rubber plecos (running small), spotted shovelnose cats that are growing like weeds, nice rummynose tetras, gold tetras, nice size Exodons, big (7-8”) [...]

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Weekly newsletter 06-06-16 - 06-10-16

Lots of South American fish back in stock this week, and may have another week of availability on the African fish. I’m back in stock with dragonfish, Colombian sharks, clown plecos, rubber plecos, farlowellas (finally), oto cats, and still have small pictus cats. Back in stock with the spotted shovelnose cats (hybrid food fish, gets huge), around 3” but they [...]

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Weekly newsletter 05-30-16 - 06-03-16

Back in stock with elephant nose, came in great size.Nigerian fish are finally back in stock! Been a long, long time since we’ve had African fish. New supplier, new routing, and new lower prices with this shipment. I have elephant nose, baby whales, African knives, ropefish, and snakeskin eels all in stock this week. The e-nose are bigger than expected, [...]

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Weekly newsletter 05-23-16 - 05-27-16

Insanely long fins on the XL veil angels.Got a very nice Peru shipment last night with a ton of cool oddballs, as well as the staples from Colombia and Ecuador. On top of that got a few new farm fish and some uncommon far-east fish.For South American staples, I should be in good shape with pictus cats, Colombian sharks, and rubber [...]

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Weekly newsletter 05-16-16 - 05-20-16

Still have L81 orange seam plecos (aka small-spot gold nugget)!Good week for Colombia again, got some cool new fish, restocked on some stables, and have some fish that I haven’t seen in a longtime.Should be in pretty good shape on Colombian sharks, pictus cats, rubber plecos, spotted rubbers, otos, and limited number of clown plecos and farlowellas. Back in stock with [...]

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Weekly newsletter 05-09-16 - 05-13-16

L81 orange-seams (aka small-spot gold nuggets) are very nice.Hey Folks,Fancy plecos from Belem are back in stock, including a pretty good number of L18 small-spot gold nuggets (aka orange seams). Limited numbers on a handful of other plecos, including ~4” L75 yellow spots, ~2” L14 goldies, and 2-3” L002 tiger plecos. Also from Belem, I have candy cane gobies back in [...]

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Weekly newsletter 05-02-16 - 05-06-16

Baby Gars!Didn’t have the baby gars in-house till after my email last week, so this week I have a picture to show you how adorable they are. They are holding up fantastic, and seem to be pretty easy to convert to frozen or prepared foods at this size. Almost never available at this size. More common Florida fish that look [...]

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Weekly newsletter 04-25-16 - 04-29-16

Got in Colombia, and Ecuador (finally) this week, so South American availability is pretty good again. Lots of weather issues, especially in Colombia, so I don’t have as much as I expected. Colombian sharks and dragon fish are available this week. Got in royal farlowellas for the first time in a while. Other nice catfish include Colombian snowball plecos, adonis [...]

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Weekly newsletter 04-18-16 - 04-22-16

Got in some gigantic orandas this week, mostly red, a few red/black, and a couple red caps.Got Peru in last night and re-stocked on plenty of Colombian fish. Looks like I should be in good shape on otos, clown plecos, rubber plecos, and hopefully some farlowellas. Also got lots of nice variety. Motoro rays are in stock in limited numbers. Other [...]

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Weekly newsletter 04-11-16 - 04-15-16

Way easier to write up highlights this week, got a lot of nice fish in yesterday. I got a couple Colombian shipments, Indo, Singapore and some more nice Florida fish this week. I have one flower ray from Colombia available. Beautiful, came in in great shape. Other South American imports this week include good numbers on clown plecos, rubber plecos, and otocinclus. [...]

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