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Lots of new fish and shrimp! 11-30-2017


Fantastic Indo shipment came in last night with some great nano fish and shrimp. Got a nice variety of little cyprinids including galaxy rasboras that are decent size (you can tell what they are), super bright little chili rasboras, emerald dwarf rasboras (erythromicron), and hengeli glowlight rasboras. For shrimp, I have some great looking red and white banded red crystal shrimp, black coco shrimp, ninja shrimp, blue cherries, blue carbon rilis, and yellow shrimp. Clown rasboras also came in on the shipment, a larger rasbora species with great red and green color. Chocolate gouramis came in looking pretty solid. Also got in some tank-raised uaru, red frontosas (~1.5”) and about 3” azul peacock bass. Other far-east highlights include dwarf puffers, cute little Mono argentus, red scats, Asian needle gar, tank-raised rummynose, zebra loaches, yo-yo loaches, and black kuhlis.

Should have plenty of stock this week for pictus cats, Colombian sharks, farlowellas, otos, clown plecos, rubber plecos and spotted rubber plecos. Nice variety in from South America as well. Got in more diptail pencils, some pinktail Chalceus, more red-hooks, very nice flagtail Prochilodus, and still have some red(ish) phantom tetras. Also have more wild Ecuador green terrors, about 4-5” with full color. Got a few Tatia galaxias, a gold-spotted woodcat, a bit like the honeycomb cats but get slightly bigger and slightly less shy when they settle in. In fancy plecos, I have some of the marbley smokey Peckoltia, plenty of little royals, a few big ‘spotted’ royals (not all spotted), and some great size blue phantoms. Nice cories this week include gold/greens, big aggies, huge Brochis cats, julii, and good size metae bandit cories

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