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November 9, 2017


Aquatic Experience - From Joe - It was great meeting a few of you at the show. If you weren’t there, it’s a great event, and hopefully will be a great event in New Jersey next year, even though I’ll miss having it in Chicago. There’s so much excitement about the hobby in the show it’s hard not to be a little more optimistic about the future of our industry. Even if the glory days of the industry are behind us, there’s still a lot of room for growth.

This week's HIGHLIGHTS: Got Colombia in again last night, and still have some cool stuff from last week. Otos, farlowellas, dragonfish, pictus cats, and clown plecos are in for next week. Rubber plecos came in a bit bigger. BB cats are decent size. Tiger Shovelnose are awesome. Nice variety of cories, including punctatus, aggies, giant julii, a few big rabauti, and big metae. Red phantoms are good size this week, and I have a new batch of big Diptail Pencils. Got a few Exodons left. In fancy plecos, there may be a few L81 orange-seams, plenty of little blue phantoms (small but great color), and a new batch of small royals. Also have Chameleon Whiptails that came in last week and still look fantastic, great size and not very common. Found a tank of Retroculus that I was planning to send to the Chicago show but they didn’t work in the display, so I have one of the coolest cichlids ever available. Around 2-3”, they hop around the bottom kind of like big gobies, but are patterned like (and related to) eartheaters, with rows of blue spangles. Finally, I have some wild angels; came in as dumerilii. Neatest thing about these guys is that they act completely different than the domestic strains. They constantly square off in the tank and flare up at each other. It’s easy to forget that angels are cichlids till you see these guys. I may have to treat them like I do the flowerhorns and separate them in cubicles.

In Asian imports, clown loaches are coming in good size. The 2” are not quite 2.5” but not far off. Also have a few yo-yos, and a few tiger botias. Still have a bunch of dwarf puffers. Red scats are pretty nice and on special. Tank-raised ember tetras are looking good. Bloody Mary shrimp are exceptional, kind of limited but more coming early next week. 4” Marlboro discus are looking good, holding up well. Still have a few very nice calico lionhead goldfish, and some bubble eyes as well. Should be getting highfin banded loaches in later on today, guessing around 4”. I have more of the firecracker swords due in today, these are always exceptional. Other nice livebearers (mostly far-east) include green and gold sailfin mollies, red dalmation lyretails, medium dalmation mollies, gold panda lyretails (small but bright), highfin pineapple mickey mouse platies, sunset mickeys, redtail black variatus, yellow tux guppies, and flamingo guppies

Gonna try to keep up with our blog from here on out and try not to make a re-hash of Joe's weekly highlights. Keep an eye on our website! Lots of changes and now that I'm handling it nearly full-time, inventories will be updated on time and things will get a whole lot easier to read and navigate.


Richard G.

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